São Paulo government predicts investment in technology


On February 1, most schools in São Paulo will be returning to face-to-face classes, based on an authorization present in the São Paulo Plan, where students will be rotated to maintain the established safety criteria and prevent contamination. en masse by Covid-19.

With that, the Department of Education announced yesterday (13) the Conecta Educação program, which aims to make the investment and allow the distribution of technology so that students and teachers are well equipped to deal with the flow of content that will be available.

With that, the state foresees an application of around R $ 1.5 billion for notebooks, desktops, stabilizers, TVs, WiFi networks and other electronic devices, where these materials will be distributed among 5.1 thousand schools, being an additional investment previous years, which have been carried out since March, when the pandemic was decreed.

A practical example of this was the distribution of R $ 2 thousand to each teacher, totaling 161 thousand people helped, with the purpose of allowing the purchase of equipment, through a bid made in partnership with Prodesp, the company responsible for state technology.

In sum, the Conecta Educação program aims to deliver 269 thousand notebooks, 87 thousand desktops, 61 thousand kits from the Media Center, with TV, support, webcam, microphone and stabilizer, 5.2 thousand technological carts (mobile loading platform) , 65 thousand WiFi routers and 3.5 thousand educational tablets, which are for students with special needs.

With all this investment, it is believed that students in 2021 will be better prepared to deal with the semi-presential education process, which will be a viable implementation until the immunization process is started and completed in São Paulo.

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