Santiment Turns Its Eyes On These 3 Altcoins: Rising Strongly!


From cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to be running out after the new ATH. Various altcoin projects, advanced double-digit profits ex-developer and star crypto from nearly 60,000 growers. In particular, Helium (HNT), Cosmos (ATOM) and Holochain (HOT) have emerged as winners a lot from son by suppressing etching. They look ready with this high, high probability relative to analyst AK.

HNT, ATOM and HOT altcoin projects get approval from Santiment

According to the analyst, data from the analytical platform Santiment should not be ignored. Helium, Cosmos and Holo gained 16%, 15% and 18% market capitalization, according to the firm. This expansion can make progress. In the continuation of the article, we examine the potential planning for these altcoins.

Altcoin Helium (HNT) technical analysis

Helium (HNT) is a platform for IoT utilities, powered by Blockchain infrastructures. On Tuesday, the altcoin moved away from the port to cross its $26.31 ATH Tuesday. Still, HNT price is undergoing a consolidation of $24.15. To continue moving forward between buyers and buyers on the 4 charts, start approaching.

According to the analyst, if it gets uploaded to the order books, the altcoin campaign could regain ATH, raising 10% to 15% more. The target is if the bears control the market, the price of HNT could drop by $20. Specifically, one of the main highlights of HNT’s price action has been the recent cooperation conversation with Dish network. This allows friends to deploy compatible Helium 5g Hotspots on Dish Network for H, trader’NT.

Cosmos (ATOM) price analysis

Cosmos (ATOM) is a decentralized network that facilitates advanced interoperability and scalability, and the rise was accompanied by 10% gain. Notably, the network’s trading volume has increased by over 300% around the clock. After ATOM’s previous ATH approached $44.70, its price is undergoing a significant correction. The 4-hour chart shows sellers dominating buyers.

Currently, the altcoin is trading at $37.63, if the selling pressure continues, ATOM could slide heavily towards the bottom support at $36.74. Also, an RSI factor of 60.8 indicates a healthy consolidation phase. Hence, if a large number of buyers step in in the next few hours, the analyst thinks ATOM price could reach around $47,586.

Holochain (HOT) price analysis

Holochain (HOT) is a P2P network that has generated a lot of media buzz with huge gains in recent days. The 4-hour chart highlights large green candles that indicate a large increase in investment rate. Recent developments in the ecosystem led to a retest of price momentum at the September high of $0.0125. The altcoin is correcting with good sales as large buy orders took place a few hours ago.

According to the analyst, the price of Holochain (HOT) is expected to undergo a correction of around $0.0095. As the RSI factor looks quite green, the HOT price may surpass the September high to reach $0.0135. However, Bitcoin dominance has been depreciating since the start of the week, which showed cash outflows to other altcoins. Moreover, the latest growth in this altcoin market cap also witnesses the start of the alt season.


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