Santander open 100 IT vacancies; salary starting at $3,400


Santander Tecnologia e Inovação, part of the Santander group, opened 100 vacancies for the IT Developer sector. The opportunities are to work in the São Carlos and Greater São Paulo regions.

The vacancies are intended for young people with no experience who wish to enter the technology area and live in the regions mentioned. According to the institution, the selection process intends to expand representativeness.

Although it does not require previous experience, candidates must have courses related to the technology area. It is also necessary to have knowledge of Excel and knowledge of development languages ​​(Java, Angular, Soft Skills, Kotlin or Swift).

The opportunities offer salaries well above the average, with a value starting at R $ 3,400. To promote equality of class and gender, the bank reveals that it will give more visibility to candidates in situations of vulnerability during recruitment.

The selection process will take place on a digital recruitment platform. In addition to the registration of the curriculum, young people will take cultural fit tests and a quiz in a game format. Thus, the results will form the candidate’s profile for analysis of recruiters.

Research and development center in São Carlos

In September 2020, Santander Tecnologia e Inovação opened the research and development center in São Carlos. Located at Onovolab, the space concentrates teams of development of digital solutions and tools for the bank and customers.

Since then, the company has recruited professionals who have recently graduated or have experience in the technology area. In addition to IT Developers, there are opportunities for specialists in Big Data, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Furthermore, Santander also has the Geração Digital hub in the capital São Paulo and a Data Center in the city of Campinas, in the interior of the state.


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