Santander Launches Gamer Consortium and Wants To Be The eSports Bank


Banco Santander Brasil last week released a new line of consortium aimed entirely at gamers. Consortium Gamer Santander offers a letter of credit starting at R$5,000, which can be paid in up to 48 installments, for the purchase of PCs, notebooks, consoles, gamer kits, chairs, headsets, driving kits, among others.

After supporting the geek fair CCXP Worlds in 2020, the bank seems to have acquired a taste for the gaming universe, and became the official sponsor of the Brazilian League of Free Fire (LBFF) this season. This June, Santander launched the campaign “Tem Santa, tem game”, in partnership with the eSports organization Fúria, supporting the CS:GO team.

With this, the streamer “Calango”, from Furia, will offer a consultancy to apprentices selected by Twitch — who have already participated in the Starter Session, on June 24 — to start their own live, based on the veteran’s teachings. Santander will sponsor the first stream of these partners.

How does the Santander Gamer Consortium work?

The bank explains that the Gamer Santander Consortium is not a loan, which means you will not pay interest, but an administration fee of 0.36% per month, plus a 4.5% reserve fund that is diluted. in the monthly fees. After one year, the installments are readjusted by the INPC (National Consumer Price Index).

At the time of contemplation, the consortium receives the full amount of the Letter of Credit, after presenting:

Product Invoice, which can be Electronic Invoice – NF-e valid on the farm’s portal;

Guarantee: surety (guarantor) for amounts contracted up to R$ 20 thousand, or an asset (such as a vehicle, for example) for amounts above.

Contemplations will take place monthly until all group participants receive the value of their property, which is credited in full at sight, allowing the gamer to obtain advantages when negotiating the purchase.


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