Sansa and Arya could they have been enemies?


Game of Thrones season 8 could have ended much differently.

While we revealed to you recently that originally, George RR Martin had much darker plans for Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, this time we come back to the dynamic between 2 other main characters: Sansa and Arya Stark. From the first season of the series, we see that the understanding between the 2 sisters is difficult, whether in Winterfell or King’s Landing. Arya and Sansa then grow up separately, each enduring their own set of trials that will eventually bring them together. Despite a touching reunion in Season 7, can we imagine that at one point Sansa and Arya could have found themselves opposed to each other?

This is a possibility that cannot be overlooked since George RR Martin never hesitated to write complex fraternal relationships, one of the elements that made us all obsessed with the Game of Thrones saga at one time or another. other. On the Stark side – and unlike the Lannisters … – nothing in their character ever showed that Arya and Sansa were meant to be close. If they had been enemies, they would each have been able to count on very different strengths and weaknesses. Where Arya possesses impressive combat abilities, Sansa would have surpassed her at the strategic level. Yet one characteristic, which Arya seems to possess more than her sister, would undoubtedly have prevented them from being really enemies: loyalty to the Stark.

Since the first season, Arya has shown her attachment to her family and her desire for revenge has been her main motivation for a long time. Despite many disagreements with Sansa and an attempt at manipulation on Littlefinger’s part, we imagine that Arya could never have actually hurt her sister. And no doubt the same goes for Sansa who, over the years, has realized the importance of family and being surrounded by people you can trust. No matter the rivalries, Sansa and Arya would surely have been allies under all circumstances. After all, they know that we survive better in a pack …

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