Sandra Bullock: Here’s how she steered herself during ‘The Lost City…


Sandra Bullock has joked about looking at Channing Tatum’s “left thigh” to avoid being distracted during his nude scene.

The 57-year-old actress stars alongside Tatum in new movie ‘The Lost City’ which focuses on a kidnapped author and in one of the scenes she has to help the 41-year-old actor peel leeches from his body .

Reflecting on the scene where no intimacy coordinator was present, she told ‘The Late Show’ host Stephen Colbert: “[We were] fully present. Full on, face to face, with the full scenery.. . I had to spend some time down there… If you’re down there and you have two pages of dialogue, you’re not going to get anywhere by looking straight at it. So I looked at his left thigh.” Meanwhile, Channing recently revealed that they were both actually very relaxed about the potentially awkward situation. In a behind-the-scenes feature for the film, Tatum shared, “I walked on set with a bunch of leeches on my butt and I hadn’t met everyone before and I was just like, ‘Okay, I’m going to be ass-naked, my name today is Chan. That’s exactly what it is.’ And then not only that, but Sandra Bullock has a two-page monologue with, uh, a certain part of my body…”