Sandman: Where To Start Consuming Neil Gaiman’s Work?


Sandman is one of the most important comics ever published. Throughout the 75 editions of the main series, Neil Gaiman tackles a wide range of themes, crosses mythologies and explores the limits of his creativity. The stories also served to popularize the author, who, when he started working at the comic, was at the beginning of his writing career. However, after this point, it has remained relevant to the present day.

But what exactly is Sandman? Why this story became so popular that it became the first comic book to make The New York Times literary bestseller list, and what you need to know for anyone who wants to start following it before the Netflix series premiere?

What is Sandman?

Sandman is a comic book series created by Neil Gaiman from a character who had already appeared in other DC Comics stories. Its debut took place in 1974 and had a screenplay by Joe Simon and Michael Fleisher, as well as illustrations by Jack Kirby and Ernie Chua. At the time, Gaiman was a little-known screenwriter, and he was given permission to rework the characters, basically just keeping their names. The stories were released on the Vertigo label, aimed at a more adult audience in DC.

From there, he began to develop a story about seven perpetuals. In addition to siblings, they are powerful beings, and each controls a power or aspect of the universe. They are: Fate, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair and Delirium. The comics follow Sonho (who is also known as Sandman, Morpheus, and other names that appear throughout the stories) and a series of adventures to better understand his own function, besides presenting his past and his relationship with his brothers.


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