Sandman creator Neil Gaiman Responded to a Fan Complaining about Casting and Ripped Out His Soul


After years and years of waiting, Netflix has finally released into the world an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s seminal work, The Sandman. The show about the King of Dreams took us on a journey through consciousness and the unconscious, as well as into the realms throughout the Sandman universe. He also introduced us to the personifications of Death and Desire, as well as the ruler of Hell, Lucifer Morningstar.

“The Sandman” has its skeptics, but the vast majority responded positively to the show, and some say it’s the best adaptation they’ve ever seen. While some major casting changes have been approved by many, such as Kirby Howell being a Baptist hired for the role of Death, there are some trolls who don’t seem to like these new versions of the characters. Well, Neil Gaiman posted an epic round of applause on Twitter, saying:

Have I gone too far?

With this, Gaiman hooked them so much that he asked if it was too much. However, Twitter users agree with him. There was a unanimous opinion that this man deserved Gaiman’s return. @NerdvanaCTG replied, “Not far enough, I would say…” and @touchthesun replied: “Gotcha. No notes.” Others thanked Gaiman for dealing with “trolls and racist haters.”

The user who was angry at the casting was basically fed up with Howell-Baptiste choosing Death. In the comics, Death is a white woman, and in the series, a black one. Nevertheless, Howell-Baptiste played one of the most laudatory performances in the show. Gaiman spoke at length about his love of Death, saying that her performance in Episode 6 (IYKYK) brought the most impact and made him cry.

The Sandman has been praised for his proactive work on the diversity of the cast and changing parts of the comic to make it more inclusive and representative. Along with Howell-Baptiste’s game, some other characters who have gained recognition are characters who do not match the original gender or race of their comic book predecessor. Gwendoline Christie is Lucifer Morningstar, a character usually portrayed by a man.

After her iconic role in Game of Thrones, she continued to steal every scene in The Sandman. Her casting caused a lot of noise, and now she gets all the praise. Jenna Coleman was also happy to talk about her view of Joanna Constantine (who is called John Constantine in the comics) and how pleased she was to take on such a great character.

Although season 2 has not been confirmed, Gaiman responded by saying that since it is such an expensive show that Netflix needs to wait and see how it will work in the long run and whether it will be considered one of the best shows on Netflix. We can expect that the casting of Delirium, Dream’s younger brother, will meet the high bar set by the first season.


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