Sandman: Check Out Important Sneak Peek Details


Sandman: Netflix released a little bit of the production of the series based on Neil Gaiman’s most famous books, The Sandman, and it was a delight for fans, full of important details for the story. See the video:

Sandman is a comic book that is part of the DC Comic universe, so it is in the same world as Lucifer, Superman, Batman and many others already known.

Amidst several scenes and speeches by the author himself, the most attentive fans can notice important details, such as some important items and locations for the series.

The Mystic Book of Magdalene

During the sneak peek it is possible to see some of the pages of the book used by Roderick and Alex to capture Death, but which, in her place, end up capturing Dream, her brother.

Ruby of Dreams

When captured, its power items are taken from Dream and, among them, the mighty Ruby of Dreams. When he manages to free himself, Dream goes after his items, and this Ruby ends up in the hands of the villain Doctor Doom, played by David Thewlis.

the sandbag

Also known as “Sandman”, Sonho has a bag in which he carries sand that helps put people to sleep. This powerful item ends up lost in the human world and used as a drug.

The Helm of Dreams

Another symbol of Dream power that appears is the helmet, made from the bones of a defeated god. The helmet appears in an antique gas mask style, and is usually worn when Dream travels to an unknown location.

The castle

Sonho lives in a castle in Sonho (the place he governs) and this castle changes its appearance according to its owner’s mood. During the video we see a part of this castle, and Neil Gaiman delighted with the result.

Lucifer’s Palace

The quest for his items of power takes Dream to Hell and, consequently, to Lucifer. The character already owns a Netflix series, with his own title name, in which he is played by actor Tom Ellis. In Sandman, Lucifer will be the responsibility of actress Gwendoline Christie (A Brienne, from Game of Thrones).

But it would be really cool to see an appearance of Tom Ellis in the series too, right?

The “Cereal Convention”

In the second story arc, we meet the Corinthian monster (played by Boyd Hollbrook). He’s an eye-eating creature that gets lost in the world of humans and decides to appear at a serial killer convention, which has the ironic name of “The Cereal Convention”, and we see a little piece of her during the video.

the dream crow

Even though it is a character and not an object, Mathew the crow deserves to appear here! During the cutscenes, it was shown that Dream’s talking crow, Mathew, will not be a CGI, but rather an animatronic puppet, which will have a little help flying with cables and pipes, which will later disappear in post production.


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