Sanditon: Season 2 Has Details Revealed After Surprise Renewal


Sanditon: After being saved from cancellation by PBS, the series Sanditon recently had details revealed about its 2nd season.

The production is based on an unfinished work by writer Jane Austen, known worldwide for her regency novels. Apparently, the new house has ambitious plans with the series, which could be renewed for a 3rd season at any time.

The plot follows the young Charlotte Heywood (played by Rose Williams), who, by chance, arrives in the titular seaside town, where she lives several adventures and romances. Upon her reception, however, she immediately runs afoul of Sidney Parker (Theo James), the younger brother of a local businessman.

Despite having overcome their differences by the end of Season 1 and also declaring their love for each other, Sidney still needed to honor his formal commitments to Eliza (Ruth Kearney), as he had previously asked for her hand in marriage.

Thus, the expectations of fans are quite high, considering that in season 2 many conflicts may occur from that.

Sanditon: Check out more details about season 2 of the series

In regency novels, the protagonists experience turbulent periods, including direct confrontations, until they resolve and decide to stay together as a couple.

Given the way the series ended its first year, many of Austen’s original readers were taken aback by Sidney’s decisions. But is that really what will follow next season?

According to the network, nine months will pass after the last episode presented. The city will be growing in popularity and will have new characters inhabiting its space.

Charlotte will even attract the attention of two new suitors. The Parkers also return, while Tom (Kris Marshall) goes to great lengths to protect Sanditon.

Season 2’s cast will also feature guest appearances by Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Tom Weston-Jones, Rosie Graham, Maxim Ays, Frank Blake and Alexander Vlahos.

Stay tuned for more news in this series!


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