San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Fair to be held Online


An exciting announcement was made that the San Diego Comic-Con 2020, which was canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, will be held online over the internet in the coming summer. The famous comic book fair is expected to be a guest house towards the end of July.

Many events and fairs planned to be held in spring and summer due to the new deadly coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), which has spread to the whole world after the emergence in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China, has been canceled or uncertain. was postponed to history. The famous comic book fair San Diego Comic-Con 2020, which was announced to be canceled while it was expected to be held in July, was among them, but there was news that would please comic book lovers.

According to the video shared from San Diego Comic-Con’s official Twitter account, the canceled fair was decided to be a guest of the comic book’s homes. In the video, ‘Coming soon … Free parking, comfortable seats, personal snacks, no queues, pets can enter, everyone is looking for badges and front row … Comic-Con’ expressions were used at home. Although details are not yet clear, comic book fans will probably navigate between panels and trailers, rather than waiting in the queue for hours or reserving space for overly expensive hotel rooms.

Here is the video of the fair announcement of San Diego Comic-Con 2020 at home this summer:

Before the postponement, the San Diego Comic-Con 2020 was scheduled to begin on July 23. It is thought that the digital fair will take place either on this date or around the 23rd of July. Festival organizers announced that when they canceled this year’s event, they will be doing the new fair in a bloody way between July 22-25 and 2021. It is also thought that the San Diego Comic-Con digital fair will not only be a trailer.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the cinema and game industry, especially the entertainment world, was also affected. Numerous entertainment and gaming fairs had to be canceled due to an epidemic.

It was announced that the E3 Fair, one of the organizations affected by the epidemic, will not be held this year.


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