Samuel L. Jackson’s advice to “Black Canary” actress Jerny Smollett about the role of a superhero


Over the past decade, the comic book genre has dominated the box office. And that’s why countless actors have portrayed superheroes on the big screen. Actress Jerny Smollett made her debut as the DCEU Black Canary back in “Birds of Prey,” and she will also get an additional project on HBO Max. And Samuel L. Jackson’s advice to Smollett about the role of a superhero is very relevant.

Samuel L. Jackson has been in the MCU since the very first movie, appearing as Nick Fury in the Iron Man credits scene. And although he did not work at the DCEU, Jerny Smollett asked the legendary actor for advice about the role of the Black Canary. She shared Jackson’s advice to A+ during a conversation with THR, saying:

I remember calling him and saying, “Okay, so yo, what should I do? Is there a way I should approach this differently than any other character? I always study the world so much.” And he said: “Baby, just go and urinate on your territory.” So I was very, very humbled by the fans’ reaction.

Samuel L. Jackson is known for his unique sense of humor and chatty mouth, so this advice is sure to appeal to his fans. Instead of concretizing the skill of bringing comic book stories to life, Jackson simply told Jerny Smollett to feel confident and demonstrate her talents. More precisely, to urinate on her role in Birds of Prey and beyond. And the urine she did.

Jerny Smollett’s hilarious anecdote about Samuel L. Jackson appeared when the actress was promoting her new Netflix movie “Spider’s Head” with Chris Hemsworth. Eventually, the conversation turned to her role in the DC extended universe, which will be expanded by her spin-off for HBO Max. While she’s been careful not to reveal anything about this spin-off, Smollett is thrilled with how well her Black Canary has been received.

As mentioned earlier, Samuel L. Jackson has been involved in the MCU for over a decade, and his tenure as Nick Fury doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. He served as the connective tissue of the franchises in the first phase, bringing together the team for the first Avengers movie. Since then, he has appeared in a variety of roles over the past decade and has changed. Jackson is expected to star in both “The Secret Invasion” and “Miracles.”

As for Jerny Smollett, the DCEU is much less overwhelmed than its Marvel counterpart. So while she will get an additional project as the Black Canary, it’s unclear if we’ll ever see the character reunite with her fellow Birds of Prey. But if the HBO Max project succeeds, perhaps it will revive the interest of Warner Bros. to this franchise.

“Spider’s Head” is currently streaming on Netflix, and the next DC movie to be released in theaters is “Black Adam” on October 21. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.