Samuel L. Jackson Doesn’t Know If He’ll Be In Tarantino’s Latest Movie


Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t know if Quentin Tarantino plans to use him in his latest film. The legendary director first burst onto the scene with a sketchy indie project in 1992, “Mad Dogs”, but his witty pop culture-style dialogues and action-feeling, paying homage, really manifested themselves in Pulp Fiction in 1994, which was nominated for 7 Academy Awards and brought him a well-deserved award. the first victory in the nomination “Best original screenplay”. In addition to reviving John Travolta’s career, Pulp Fiction cemented Jackson’s status as a cult and recognizable figure, bringing him his first and only Oscar nomination (although Jackson was awarded an honorary Oscar for career achievements in 2022).

Over the years, Jackson and Tarantino have collaborated many more times. The actor appeared in the director’s follow-up film, the 1995 crime drama Jackie Brown, in which Foxy Brown star Pam Grier played a role paying homage to her legacy. He then went on to play roles in the films Django Unchained in 2012 and The Abominable Eight in 2015. Although he did not appear on screen, he also had a behind-the-scenes role in Tarantino’s World War II film Inglourious Bastards, starring Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz and sometimes Tarantino’s co-director Eli Roth, bringing Jackson’s total number of appearances to 5 out of 9. Nine official Tarantino films.

Tarantino has long said that he wants to finish his career at a high level, and previously announced that his tenth official film would be his last. The details of the film are completely classified, to the point that most of the actors he often works with don’t even know what he’s working on. He revealed this during a conversation with the LA Times, casually saying that “he will tell me or he won’t tell me.” Read his full quote below:

I don’t know. He’ll tell me or he won’t tell me. I didn’t hear anything about him at all when he was doing a Hollywood movie. He usually calls me and says he’s doing something and asks how I feel about it.

For example, when he starred in a Nazi film, he said: “There’s nothing in this for you.” “I can learn to speak French.” “No, I’m going to have a Frenchman.” That’s why I voiced a film about celluloid and films.

Jackson was not offered the opportunity to star in Tarantino’s latest film “Once upon a Time in a Fairy Tale…” in Hollywood, so he does not seem particularly confident that he will return for a farewell exit. However, while he enjoys working with new actors when he has the opportunity, the director is loyal to his previous collaborators. His films usually involve at least one actor who has worked with him before, and two have starred in Hollywood: Brad Pitt from Inglourious Bastards and Leonardo DiCaprio from Django Unchained.

Whatever Tarantino’s lap of honor turns out to be, it’s almost certain that Jackson will participate in it if he wants to. This role will also be a great way to pay tribute to the actor’s long career, numbering almost 200 acting jobs. Whether this film remains the last for Tarantino is a big question, since it seems that the director will not be able to resist returning to the set one day.