Samsung’s watch should measure diabetes without biting


The next Galaxy Watch may come with an important feature for people with diabetes. According to the Korean website ETNews, Samsung should add a glucose monitor to the new smartwatch models Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch Active 3.

The functionality will simplify the monitoring of daily sugar levels when using an optical sensor to take readings. Thus, the user does not need to draw blood from the fingertip as it does even in rapid tests.

Samsung has been working on non-invasive technologies to monitor blood glucose for some years. Last year, for example, the company and MIT created a monitoring method called Raman spectroscopy.

With it, lasers are used in the process to identify the chemical compositions present in the blood. As the South Korean brand itself mentions, it has “the greatest forecasting accuracy among non-invasive technologies”.

During CES 2021, the Japanese startup Quantum Operation revealed a very similar spectroscopy system. Present in one of the manufacturer’s smartwatch prototypes, it reads glucose levels in just 20 seconds.

Upcoming Galaxy Watch

According to ETNews, three new smartwatches will be unveiled in Samsung’s next Unpacked. It is not clear whether all models will have the new functionality, but it is possible that it is present only in the premium versions of the gadget.

Monitoring glucose levels can help leverage device sales worldwide. In Brazil alone, according to the ICTQ survey, about 463 million people aged between 20 and 79 years live with diabetes.

Finally, the company will only be able to add the feature to the devices after it has been approved by government agencies responsible for drug control. Only they can authorize the sale of the product as a technological item for diabetic patients.


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