Samsung’s phone evolution over the years


Samsung is among the technology companies that have a long history. The company, which was founded almost a century ago, has been producing phones since 1988. Having released a small number of phones for many years, Samsung has increased its phone variety over the years. The technology giant, which produced hundreds of different models from the mid-90s to the 2000s, is now home to the best-selling phones. Here is the evolution of the smart Samsung phones over the years!

There is also a great success story behind Samsung, which has managed to reach millions of people over the years with its buttons, covers, touch and different designs. Continuing on its way by developing popular phones, the company has been introducing the phones it has serialized in advanced forms for many years. Some of the phones we saw on the Samsung side in the first years:

Samsung telefonların evrimi-00

-1988 / SH-100

-1993 / SH-770

-1996 / SGH-250

-1998 / SGH-500

-1999 / SGH-600, SGH / 2100, SGH-2200, SGH-2400

-2000 / N100, N105, M100, A100, A110, SGH-800/810

-2001 / Q100, Q105, N300, N400, R200, R210, R220, A200, A300, A400

In 2002, the N500, as well as different types of clamshell phones, Q and T series clamshell phones, round square and all types of clamshell phones appeared. Things are starting to change a little.

Samsung telefonların evrimi-00

In 2003, in addition to the push button and flip phones, the screen of the D700 was rotating, and Samsung managed to draw attention. In the following process, camera phones located on the top of the cover emerge. As you can see above, the T700 is an interesting model.

When it comes to 2004, there are many phone models with slide, clamps. I700 model P730 model is among the highlights of these years. Samsung, which has gone a little more simplified in the 2005s, mostly prefers clamshell phones and black phones such as the Z130.

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This process, which continued until 2009, is changing with the 2010s. With the arrival of the Android operating system in 2008, it is slowly starting to be included in phones. At this point, Samsung continues to include this operating system on its phones in a short time.

Even though push-button phones appeared in these years, Samsung decided to focus on touch phones as well, attracting attention with its S series. Switching to touch phones completely since 2013, Samsung has also signed the best selling smartphones after 7 years.

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Having released dozens of models to its Galaxy series in 2013, Samsung caught an important breakthrough with Note 3. The technology giant, which also released the Galaxy S4 model in the same year, managed to attract attention and impress technology enthusiasts. Welcoming users with the A series in 2014, Samsung continued to introduce new models for the Galaxy series and Note series.

Focusing on the A series in 2015, Samsung announced the A3, A5, A7, A8 series. The company, which added new models to its J series, also introduced the Note 5 in those years. Drawing attention with S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung preferred to focus entirely on touch phones in 2016.

Samsung telefonların evrimi-00

After a lot of phone models, big and small, Samsung, which was negatively etched with Note 7, would correct this negative image in the coming years. Focusing more on the Edge series in 2017, Samsung opted to add curves to its models at this point. In 2018, it focused more on mid-segment and entry phones.

Following the Galaxy S9 series, the phone revolution took place in 2019 and announced the Galaxy Fold model, which offers a full screen experience, screen hole, different frame structures and most importantly, foldable phone. Addressing millions of people with the A51, Samsung released dozens of intermediate models in 2019. In 2020, the revolution that took place in 2019 continues. Offering users options with many intermediate models and displays in different designs, the South Korea-based technology giant draws attention with its Fan Edition series.

Adding new members to the Note family this year, Samsung is increasing the number of users day by day. In fact, it recently took the lead from Apple for the first time in the US since 2017, and surpasses it in smartphone sales.

Samsung’s phones released this year include A series, Note 10 Lite, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy S20 series, M series.

-Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

-Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

-Samsung Galaxy S20

-Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

-Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

-Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

-Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Version

-Samsung Galaxy S10

-Samsung Galaxy Note 20

-Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

-Samsung Galaxy A80

-Samsung Galaxy S10e


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