Samsung’s New Phone Galaxy M51 Revealed in Geekbench


Samsung’s new phone Galaxy M51, which will be included in the Galaxy M series, appeared on the Geekbench platform. The company’s new phone will be powered by Snapdragon 675. This processor will be accompanied by 8 GB of RAM.

South Korean phone manufacturer Samsung manages to appeal to different budgets with various phone series. The company, which has launched lower-budget phones as well as flagship series, now plans to add a new member to the Galaxy M series. The new phone, called the company Galaxy M51, appeared on the Geekbench platform, although it has not yet been announced.

Carrying the model number SM-M515F, Galaxy M51 was noticed in Geekbench with the test results. Some features of the phone, along with single-core and multi-core performance tests, have been exposed in this way. The phone, which will come out of the box with the Android 10 operating system, received 546 points from the single-core performance test and managed to get 1,784 points from the multi-core performance test.

Galaxy M51 will get its power from Snapdragon 675:

Samsung’s new model Galaxy M51 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor. This 8-core processor is designed with a base frequency of 1.80 GHz. Snapdragon 675 processor will be accompanied by 8 GB of RAM. The phone, which has not yet appeared other than RAM and processor, is expected to take its place on the shelves soon.

According to the previously revealed, Galaxy M51 will be presented to users with its 64 MP main camera. Although what we know about the phone for now is limited to these, we can say that other features are close to the appearance given that the phone is seen in Geekbench. We will keep you informed when new features are announced.

Another phone that Samsung produced within the frame of the Galaxy M series, the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy M31 was located inside the screen. Considering that the phones have similar features, we can also expect the Galaxy M51 to have a fingerprint reader inside the screen.


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