Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds Live headphones


Samsung’s new TWS headphones, the Galaxy Buds Live have impressive features and are now available

The design of the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live immediately refer us to legumes, beans, beans, beans, beans or any other term they receive, and according to Samsung it is the best shape that these headphones could have.

In this new Samsung product, a feature that has not been seen before in its completely wireless headphones appears, it is active noise cancellation, which allows it to compete directly with the Airpods Pro and the Sony WF-1000XM3.

‘Beans’ is the code name for these Samsung hearing aids and it is not surprising, because it is associated with its shape, while this is the third generation of the Galaxy Buds, and it was presented at the same event in which they first appeared. In front of the public, the new Galaxy Note 20, which perfectly complement the Galaxy Buds Live.

Within the Galaxy Buds Live we can find a 12-millimeter driver, which is substantially larger than what is generally used for these devices, and with which Samsung promises to obtain a sound with deeper bass.

Galaxy Buds Live with a novel design

AKG has collaborated in the creation of the Galaxy Buds Live, which ensures great sound and the most effective open-type active noise cancellation so far, so that the user can completely abstract from their environment, but at the same Time will allow you to configure them in ambient mode to stay alert to any situation that occurs around you.

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In other respects, the Galaxy Buds Live include three microphones and a voice capture unit that offers a great improvement in receiving and sending voice during calls.

The headphones have a 60 mAh battery that provides 5.5 hours of autonomy for music playback, while the charging case offers 472 mAh for a total autonomy of 20 hours.

These new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live will arrive in three different colors: black, white and pink gold with a price of 189 euros for Spain, which at the current exchange rate would be $ 5,022.93 Mexican pesos.


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