Samsung’s New Foldable Phone Patent Revealed


A new patent has appeared for Samsung’s new foldable phone. In the company’s new patent, the LED strip to be placed on the foldable phone hinge is seen.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has shown that it is insistent in the foldable smartphone segment with the Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Z Flip, although it did not make a good introduction to the foldable smartphone caravan with the Galaxy Fold. A new patent that has come out reveals once again the company’s insistence on this issue.

A new Samsung patent found by LetsGoDigital includes a device that looks quite similar to the Galaxy Fold2. The difference is that there are LED lights on the hinge of the phone. According to the patent, the lights can be used to indicate notifications such as incoming calls and messages.

Samsung’s LED strip foldable phone

The translucent coating on the LED strip helps protect it from damage. In addition, according to the information in the patent, this light bar can emit different colored lights and even different types of effects depending on the situation. Although Galaxy Z Fold2 has a front screen where notifications can be seen even when the screen is turned off, these LED lights can enable notifications to be seen if the phone is turned upside down.

As we said above, the device is very similar to the Galaxy Z Fold2 that it is not uncommon for companies to use devices that exist in such patents. So it would not be correct to say that the Galaxy Z Fold3 will have the same design and dimensions as its predecessor. There may be different features that are not seen in this patent but will be included in the device.

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Of course, as we say in every patent report, the availability of such a patent does not mean that such a feature will definitely be used. Patents usually show what companies are working on, but not all of these studies come across as final products. Well, what do you think of this LED strip? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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