Samsung’s new 65W charger receives quality certification


Proof that Samsung is trying to catch up on the race for a faster smartphone charger, the SamMobile website has just released on Monday (8) that the 65-kW EP-TA865 charger from South Korea has achieved quality certification and security of the German company TÜV Süd.

Leaks previously disclosed, including images, indicate that the device comes with a USB-C port and supports charging via USB-IF Power Delivery up to 20 V and 3.25 A, in addition to being compatible with PPS (power source) programmable power), which serves smartphones and latops.

Although the disclosure of this TÜV SüD certification means that the EP-TA865 is about to be launched, this will not be reflected in the faster charging practice for the new Galaxy S21 Ultra models, which have a load limit of 25W. Thus, it is possible to say that the new charger is intended, in principle, for Samsung notebooks.

So, if you already have or plan to buy a notebook with Power Delivery support, the EP-TA865 could be a great option for fast charging, possibly available in early autumn in Brazil.


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