Samsung’s Mysterious Processor Exynos 1080


Ice Universe announced the AnTuTu score of Exynos 1080 with statements made on Twitter. According to the sharing by Ice Universe, Exynos 1080 was able to surpass Snapdragon 865 + with 693 thousand 600 points.

In a news we shared with you on Friday, we talked about the first statements made by the South Korean technology giant Samsung about its new processor “Exynos 1080”. Samsung did not explain all the features of this processor in its statements that day, but Ice Universe, one of the important messengers of the smartphone industry in social media, announced the AnTuTu results of this processor on Twitter.

The statements made by Ice Universe show that the AnTuTu score of Exynos 1080, Samsung’s new processor that goes through the 5 nm production process, is 693 thousand 600. This AnTuTu score is a clear indicator that Samsung will come up with a seriously powerful processor. However, if there is something more important than this, it is undoubtedly that the Exynos 1080 has a strong structure even than the Snapdragon 865+, especially in terms of the GPU.

Here is the AnTuTu score of Exynos 1080

Although the test in AnTuTu reveals the overall performance of Exynos 1080, these values are not fully understood for now. Because Samsung has not disclosed all the details of its new processor for now. However, apparently, Samsung seems to have created the Exynos 1080 with the improvements it made on its processor named Exynos 980. It seems that the company will try to satisfy consumers with the change it has made in cores and GPUs.

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By the way, some people are calling the Exynos 1080 the end of an era for Samsung. The reason for this is the partnership between Samsung and AMD. Analysts say Exynos processors powered by AMD-developed GPUs could be released in 2022. Samsung seems to have survived the year 2021 with the Exynos 1080 and can meet consumers with a brand new processor technology in 2022.


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