Samsung’s low-cost collapsible undergoes certification


A less powerful (and probably more affordable) version of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone appears to be on the way. The clue that indicates this movement in the market came from the Wi-Fi Alliance, the consortium responsible for approving the standardized use of wireless connectivity in electronics.

The mysterious model that has been certified is the SM-F415F / DS. By the character string, it possibly belongs to the Galaxy Fold line (all models with SM-F) and is from a lower cost family (characteristic of the codenames F400). On the other hand, the “1” suggests that it is the second generation of a family of devices.

The certification involves a smartphone with Android 10 from the factory and dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), without apparent support for Wi-Fi 6. The expectation is that it will come closer to the limit of US $ 1,000, which is considered a huge breakthrough in the category: Samsung’s latest foldable, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, costs $ 1,980 at launch.

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