Samsung’s Foldable Screen Second Phone Will Be Galaxy Fold 2, Not ‘Galaxy Bloom’


Samsung has reportedly held a non-public meeting at the CES 2020 events. Moreover, according to the report Samsung’s foldable screen, the second phone, not as the Galaxy Fold 2, will be released as Galaxy Bloom.

In 2019, the South Korean technology giant Samsung was most talked about with a foldable display phone called Galaxy Fold. Because the company, hoping to develop a phone with a kind of desired durability level could not bring. The phone experienced major problems with the first real user tests after it was set up, and the Galaxy Folds became unusable during the first 24 hours of testing.

Samsung, Galaxy Fold’u said after completing the necessary work and officially released. Despite all the problems that do not want to give up the foldable display technology Samsung, “Galaxy Fold 2” has started working on a new phone called. Even Samsung’s second foldable screen phone will allegedly launch soon.

Samsung’s second foldable display phone was said to fold on the horizontal axis and fit in the palm of the hand when folded. The resulting concept designs and reports supported these rumors. In fact, as the Webtekno team we folded this phone will be like a square many times “Galaxy Fold 2” as we have launched. However, Samsung’s new foldable screen phone “Galaxy Fold 2” will not be called.

As it is known, Las Vegas, USA is currently hosting the world’s largest consumer electronics fair “CES 2020”. Technology giants are introducing new technologies to consumers through panels and events they organize. Now, Samsung’s CES 2020 held a meeting that is not open to everyone and within the scope of this meeting, the new phone can be folded on the horizontal axis, announced that the meeting announced.

Here’s a photo taken at Samsung’s secret meeting
Samsung’s second foldable screen phone, not as the Galaxy Fold 2 “Galaxy Bloom” will be offered to consumers. Moreover, a report on the meeting in question, Galaxy Bloom’s Galaxy Fold, not a plastic screen, ultra-thin glass will have a so-called technology shows.

There is still no clarity regarding the new Samsung smartphone. However, the secret meeting held at the CES 2020 event, Samsung officially folded the screen of the second phone, as well as the name of this phone will reveal that the Galaxy Bloom. However, we need to wait a little while before we meet Samsung’s new phone with a foldable display, because the official launch of this phone is expected in February.


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