Samsung’s Corona Virus Detected Factory Closed


The Corona virus, which occurs in China and causes more than 2 thousand deaths worldwide, affects the business world. Samsung officially announced that a case of Corona virus has been detected in one of its factories in South Korea.

The Corona virus outbreak in China has undoubtedly affected neighboring countries the most. While 433 cases in South Korea and 110 cases in Japan were detected among neighbors of China, 2 people died in South Korea due to the virus and 1 person died in Japan.

The virus threatens not only human health, but also the global economy and the business world. The IMF announced in its G20 Observation Report that it will remain below the historical average of global growth in the medium term due to the Corona virus. The virus has started to affect the business world negatively.

Samsung closes factory due to Corona virus
According to a report in Reuters, Samsung Electronics confirmed in its statement today that the incident of Corona virus has occurred in its factory, which produces mobile devices in Gumi, South Korea.

The world’s largest smartphone manufacturer used the following statements regarding the case at the factory: “The company quarantines all colleagues who have been in contact with the trap and the necessary steps are taken to test whether they have an infection.”

Samsung announced that the factory, where the incident occurred, was closed until Monday, February 25. The company’s factory in Gumi covered only a small portion of the total smartphone production and produced flagship smartphones for the domestic market. The company realizes most of its production in Vietnam and India.

Currently, according to official figures, 433 Corona viruses have been detected in South Korea. In the epidemic where 18 people recovered completely, the number of people stated to be critical is 9.


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