Samsung’s 5 nm Processor Exynos 1080


Samsung has announced some information about its new processor Exynos 1080, which has gone through the 5 nm manufacturing process. In the statements made by the company, it was announced that this processor has Cortex-A78 core and integrated Mali-G78 GPU. Samsung’s new processor will meet with consumers in the near future.

The semiconductor industry is in a big change. Manufacturers preferred the 5 nm manufacturing process, especially for the processors they launched in 2020. In this way, companies that have significantly increased the performance of their processors have managed to impress consumers. Now a new processor with a 5 nm manufacturing process has been announced. Samsung announced that its new processor, called Exynos 1080, will meet consumers soon.

Samsung did not make a detailed explanation about its new processor, which went through the 5 nm manufacturing process. However, it has been announced that this processor has Cortex-A78 cores and will come with an integrated Mali-G78 GPU. This means that Samsung’s new flagship processor will offer consumers a very high level of performance.

According to the information in ARM data, Cortex-A78 is 20 percent stronger than Cortex-A77. The Mali-G78 GPU offers 25 percent more performance than its predecessor, the Mali-G77 GPU. This means that mobile gaming needs can be met better, and the problems that can occur when multiple applications are running at the same time will be minimized.

Although Samsung has not provided detailed information about its new processor, there are notable claims about this processor. For example, this processor is said to go through the same production process as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 875 processor, and its energy efficiency is slightly better than its competitor. Also, according to the allegations, Samsung’s new processor is mostly designed for the Chinese market.

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It has not been announced on which phone Samsung’s new processor will be used first. However, there is a serious claim in this regard. According to rumors, Vivo, which has recently managed to make a sound, continues to work on a smartphone powered by Samsung’s Exynos 1080 processor. However, it is said that this smartphone will not be in the flagship product line, but in the mid-high-end category. This processor seems to be talked about frequently in the coming days.


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