Samsung would be making folding screens for Google


In addition to launching its own foldable phones, Samsung is reportedly going to manufacture flexible OLED displays for several companies in the mobile world, including Google, Xiaomi and Oppo. According to sources on the website The Elec, the South Korean giant will supply panels of different sizes for companies, which are expected to launch smartphones using the technology later this year.

Oppo would have ordered a screen that can be used on a competitor of the Galaxy Z Flip. The Chinese manufacturer reportedly bought a 7.7-inch display that folds vertically, as well as an external panel with up to 2 inches.

Xiaomi would also have requested a display that folds internally, but it appears to be working on a foldable that will fight with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Huawei Mate X2. The company ordered an 8.03-inch panel, in addition to an external 6.38-inch screen.

Google has already contacted Samsung to buy flexible 7.6-inch OLED screens. There are no further details about the company’s project, but rumors from last year pointed out that the company may launch in 2021 the first foldable Pixel smartphone.

Expanding market

The companies involved in the news have not yet commented on the matter. Still, the trend is that several manufacturers are betting on foldable smartphones in 2021 and Samsung, the leader in the segment, continues to increase its catalog of products with flexible screen.

According to market research firm Omdia, the sale of flexible OLED panels is expected to grow by 203% in 2021, bringing in an annual value of US $ 2.1 billion. Samsung is the company with the most experience in manufacturing these components, which should guarantee the company a large part of the money handled by the sector.

In addition to selling panels to competitors, the South Korean brand should continue to invest in foldable products for the Galaxy line. The company has already hinted that it is preparing a new smartphone with a cheaper flexible screen for 2021.


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