Samsung Works On Galaxy 3 In 1 With Dual Hinge, Says Website


Samsung: After the success of the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold, Samsung appears to be adding a new folding smartphone model to its lineup. According to the website LetsGoDigital, which obtained a copy of a patent from the South Korean giant, the prototype is a smartphone 3 in 1, double folding, with two hinges and three parts of the screen.

Released by the site last Friday (24), Samsung’s new smartphone folds into three distinct Z-shaped sections. When fully unfolded, the device looks like a small tablet, but longer than the Galaxy Z Fold 3 The design makes one of the three parts function as the main screen, with fingerprint sensor on the display. The back has a triple array of cameras and a USB connector.

Equally differentiated is the distribution of the cell’s internal electronic components in the three sections. An area visualized in the patent shows that only the front and rear segments house the device’s internal batteries and circuit boards, while the middle section apparently has no components, functioning only to provide rigidity and stability to the device.

When will the new ‘Tri-Fold’ be released?

The documentation revealed by LetsGoDigital is not the first recorded by Samsung Electronics relating to this type of multifunction device. However, this version brings an unprecedented feature so far in folding smartphones: a fingerprint reader under the screen.

Although this latest 42-page patent registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was released on December 23, 2021 with an apparently well-resolved design, this is no guarantee that Samsung will release the device as early as 2022. Patents or leaks do not always result in a possible commercialization model, although the solution shown is a natural evolution for collapsibles.