Samsung Works on a Phone with a Foldable Screen


A patent of Samsung was approved and published on October 1. Approved by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), this patent reveals that Samsung has developed a folding screen phone with LED illumination by reference to the Galaxy Z Fold2.

South Korean technology giant Samsung continues its work on foldable screen smartphones. Having managed to impress consumers with the Galaxy Z Fold2, which it recently launched, the company is developing a new foldable screen phone, apparently in a slightly more customized style. The new model, based on the Galaxy Z Fold2, shows that Samsung is trying to add LEDs to the hinge section.

Samsung’s new smartphone came out with a patent application filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The patent, which was approved and published on October 1, shows that Samsung is working on a new folding screen phone with LED lighting. As we have just mentioned, the general design of this phone is the same as the Galaxy Z Fold2.

Samsung’s new patent looks like this

It seems Samsung wants to take a more impressive approach to foldable screen phone designs. In this context, adding LED lighting to the part that allows the movement of the hinges, Samsung seems to be developing an illuminated version of the Galaxy Z Fold2. However, it is currently unknown whether this lighting will be used in Samsung’s next foldable screen phone.

LED lights have become a part of especially gaming equipment. Almost every gaming equipment released today is made more attractive with LED lights. The fact that Samsung is working on such a design inevitably suggests that Samsung may be developing a foldable screen phone for gamers. However, all these will become clear in the future.

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