Samsung will remove chargers from the box of phones


Samsung intends to gradually remove the charger from the case of its cell phones. Described in a question and answer section on the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S21, the company plans to remove the accessory from all of its lines to increase the efficiency of transportation, manufacturing and consumption of raw materials not only at the top of the line.

This not only means that the company’s next major launch, the Samsung Galaxy Note 21, will not be accompanied by the accessory; but that other devices – the Galaxy Z folding, Galaxy A, M and F intermediate lines and the entry lines – also require purchase of the charger separately.

“We believe that the gradual removal of chargers and headphones from our cases can help with sustainable consumption problems and remove any pressure that consumers might feel when receiving another unnecessary charger in new phones,” they point out in response to the question “Why has Samsung decided to remove the Galaxy S21 wired headsets and chargers? ”

In practice, this would mean a major shift in users. Unlike Apple, which operates with more relevance in the premium smartphone segment, Samsung has a vast portfolio with more affordable products that may be affected by the ecological trend.

It is still unclear when this change would take place and on which lines the South Korean would apply cost savings. However, we can expect that cheaper smartphones still have the accessory, since the exclusion of the charger can keep away consumers who want to spend little on a smartphone.

On the other hand, the manufacturer reiterates that it has been working on standardizing the USB-C since 2017, so there is supposed to be a significant number of company chargers in the hands of consumers.

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There is still no concrete information about the change on any Samsung device. It remains to wait for the next releases to have more news.


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