Samsung Will Present New Generation Flexible Screens; See Preview


Samsung: South Korean manufacturer Samsung Display has confirmed that it will participate in Display Week 2021, a conference focused on screen technology for industry organized by the Society for Information Display (SID). The event started last Sunday (16).

As a warm-up for the exhibition, the company published some details about the prototypes that will be shown on the site – and which are likely to be part of the brand’s products in the near future.

More news and even videos with the operation of these products should be released in the coming days on the official channels of the brand. In the meantime, check out the first images and information about these technologies below.


Samsung already works with foldable screens and is about to reveal the third generation of the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

However, the most anticipated evolution in the area should come with the S-Foldable, a 7.2 “panel in total quite flexible that can be folded twice, leaving the display in an” S “shape with three segments. functioning technology should be released soon.

Foldable monitor

Another brand announcement is a one-time folding screen, but of a much larger size: a 17 “OLED panel, which can be used as a hybrid between a portable monitor and a tablet.

Roll-up screen

Samsung’s third novelty is a roll-up panel, that is, with a screen that is stored on a base and is “projected” out when needed.

In the case of the South Korean, the display will have a normal cell phone size and can be expanded to have the proportions of a tablet, starting to show more content. Companies like Oppo, TCL and LG also have similar experiments.

Camera under the screen

The latest ad involves not just a display, but a front camera layout for notebooks that is hidden under the screen, allowing the entire panel space to be dedicated to the content. With a combination of algorithms and pixel spacing, it is possible to capture sharp photos even in these conditions, as ZTE has already shown on a smartphone.


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