Samsung Will Make The Expert RAW App Available For More Phones


Samsung: The Expert RAW professional camera app will arrive on more Galaxy series phones in the coming days, according to information released on the Samsung Community forum in South Korea on Saturday (12). The software is currently only available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the newly released Galaxy S22 Ultra phones.

In a post made by one of the moderators of the brand’s official platform, it is commented that the professional photo app will reach more Samsung phones on February 25th. The answer came after questions from participants about the availability of the tool in other smartphone models.

Also according to the big tech representative, the list of compatible cell phones will be released shortly before the official launch, but apparently “only the main models will be supported”. That is, the operation will depend on the phone’s specifications and also on the device’s lens sensor.

As the comment on the forum mentions top-of-the-line phones, Samsung’s photo app may be released for models like Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+. The foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Flip Z 3 must also be included in the stand.

Key Features

Released in 2021 for the S21 Ultra, Samsung’s Expert RAW app adds several improvements to the phone’s camera, such as supporting multi-frame capture in HDR. The possibility of saving photos in DNG RAW format, used in professional equipment, is another attraction.

It is also worth mentioning the manual controls available in the software, allowing you to modify the shutter speed, focus, ISO and white balance, among other adjustments. It also brings integration with Adobe Lightroom, offering professional editing features for images recorded on the cell phone.