Samsung Will Bring ‘RAM Boost’ Function To More Phones


Samsung: Recently released, the Galaxy A52s 5G has hit the market offering a satisfying experience with a good value for money. However, the model also stood out for the presence of a function called “Ram Plus”, which uses part of its internal storage to increase its total amount of RAM memory available. It seems, as suggested by the site Sam Mobile, this feature may be coming to other lines of Samsung.

The possibility, already discussed some time ago, was reinforced with the launch of RAM Plus for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 — a device that already has 12 GB of RAM memory. Thus, speculation began that the feature would not be exclusive to entry-level or even intermediate models, which usually require “extra performance”, but that it could also reach the top of the line.

At least so far, however, the function has not yet landed on the Galaxy S21 lineup, even with the beta version of the One UI 4.0 — based on Android 12. While this may indicate that the new feature is exclusive to some specific lines, it’s also possible that it is implemented over time in future updates.

How it works?

The RAM Plus function uses “only” 4GB of the devices’ internal storage to increase the total amount of RAM memory available. Contrary to expectations, the feature is not customizable and also shouldn’t promote major improvements in the day-to-day use of devices, especially considering the aggressive application management policy present in the One UI.

There is still no list of supported devices or a more accurate launch preview for the function. It remains to wait for Samsung’s position on the case.


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