Samsung will aggressively ‘kill’ apps on One UI 3.0


In the past few months, Samsung has released the new version of its One UI 3.0 operating system for several phones, including entry-level models, middlemen and line tops. The update, based on Android 11, brought several features, but ended up sinning in other aspects, such as changing the mode of operation of applications in the background – even preventing the user from receiving notifications and important data.

This measure is now more aggressive and closes applications in the background after 3 minutes without using the screen off. The change can directly affect important services, such as health monitoring with heart rate sensors, which depend on updating in the background to provide data collection and analysis.

It is important to note that this feature is part of the standard Android 11, but, in the case of One UI 3.0, it does not offer customization options with easy access or option to turn it off. The change in the application management policy in the background is due to the greater optimization of the cell phone battery, sacrificing the amount of information processed in the background for greater autonomy of use.

On the other hand, it is possible to prevent up to 3 applications of the user’s choice from being permanently open in the background through the option “Always keep open”, in the screen of recent applications. However, this function is still little known, manual and limited, taking part in the autonomy of use of the most demanding users.

Similarly, it is also possible to prevent or force the suspension of certain applications through the “Device and battery assistance” section, found in the device settings, as shown in the image above. The function allows up to two suspension stages, as well as an exclusion list for applications that should never be suspended.

In this sense, Samsung is expected to make its application management policy in the background more passive in the next updates to One UI 3.0, as the current one detracts from the usage experience of some users.


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