Samsung Washer Asks Access to User Contacts and Location


Samsung smart washer owners are bothered by an app used to control the home appliance. For some unspecified reason, Smart Washer requests permission to access users’ contacts and location.

Like Samsung Smart Home, the app is designed to integrate washing machines and dryers with the IoT. However, both programs don’t work if the person doesn’t authorize certain permissions.

Due to the invasive character with unnecessary permissions, the apps have several negative reviews in the Google Play Store. Even with over a million downloads, Smart Washer’s average score is 2.1.

“This app is useless. It asks for permissions for just about everything that monitors your life and closes when you deny some information. What is the purpose of a software that ends when I don’t let it spy on me?”, says one user.

Although there are several recent comments, Smart Washer and Smart Home have not received updates since October 2020. An indication that Samsung should no longer provide support for the apps.

What’s more, the South Korean brand recently announced a new line of smart washers with the updated version of the SmartThings app. According to information, the software requires less invasive data than older programs.


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