Samsung wants to forget about this mockery on Apple


Samsung may have made fun of Apple too quickly on the issue of chargers. And now, the Korean giant is trying to quietly backtrack!

Samsung is not only used to incredible smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. The undisputed world number 1 in smartphones is also a mocking spirit, which likes to troll its rivals. And his favorite target is obviously Apple. We saw yesterday the Korean giant ally with Epic Games to slip a new mockery overwhelming the Cupertino company. But not all valves age equally well. This is what we can see today with Samsung trying to discreetly erase its messages mocking Apple’s decision to no longer deliver a charger with the smartphone.

We have thus seen disappear from the web the mocking ad explaining, as above, that “Your Galaxy gives you what you are looking for. The most basic like the charger […]”, while the Galaxy S21 would also be delivered without this same charger. This information is all the more funny as it is not the first hitch in the field for the brand, which at the time had already made fun of the end of the jack port from the iPhone 7, before ‘itself remove the port for headphones, in order to open a new market for its wireless headsets. Will Samsung learn the lesson this time?


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