Samsung Wants Its Employees to Stay Home Due to Corona Virus


South Korean tech giant Samsung has been affected by the Corona virus. The company, which had to close some factories, now told its employees that they should work from home. Increasing its precautions thoroughly, the company aims to get rid of the virus with minimal damage.

Corona virus continues to increase its effect rapidly all over the world. Although countries take strong measures to control the spread of the virus, the virus continues to spread in some way. Giant companies are also infected by the virus.

As there is a noticeable decline in business volume across the world, companies; it has to close its factories, businesses and cancel events. In this context, the technology giant Samsung closed the smartphone factories in Gumi and South Korea and now conveyed the message “Work from home” to its employees.

Samsung has increased measures against the Corona virus:
According to the news of Bloomberg News, Samsung has decided to take further measures against the virus. In line with this decision, the company sent a statement telling its employees to work at home. The statement also included a strategy on how Samsung could get rid of the virus with minimal damage.

The measures taken by the company are not limited to these. For those who go to the facilities, there is a mandatory health screening application at the entrance. The company allows its employees to go abroad only for very important tasks. Samsung has also created a team to follow and implement what epidemic experts say. The company, which does not forget its employees working at home, does not neglect to send maintenance packages to its employees who quarantine them.

Stating that all employees working in 52 global, 15 regional sales offices, design, research and development centers should work from home, Samsung has more than 300,000 employees worldwide and it is not possible for all employees to work from home. The South Korean company stated that it has also doubled its disinfection studies.

Samsung Foundry, a semiconductor manufacturer, announced that its annual forum was postponed due to the Corona virus, but Samsung is determined to hold its annual shareholder meeting despite all concerns.


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