Samsung Voice Assistant Getting Ready to Unplug S Voice


S Voice, one of Samsung’s voice assistants, hadn’t hit the market too much, but it still had users. Samsung has decided to turn off S Voice. As of June 1, we can say that S Voice will go down in history.

The use of voice assistants is quite wide. Voice assistants, a product of artificial intelligence, have the features to make our life easier. Thanks to these features, we can easily perform many of our jobs. Especially in places where we should not touch the phone, such as the moment of driving, thanks to the voice assistant, we can do some work, just talk by phone or send a message.

In 2012, after Apple introduced Siri, which made a lot of noise, Samsung also introduced its S Voice voice assistant. S Voice was one of the phone’s remarkable features, with its large 4.8-inch screen for the Galaxy S3, powerful four-core processor and TouchWiz interface. When Samsung S Voice couldn’t compete with Siri, it bought Viv to make Bixby stronger.

Bixby also did not receive the expected attention from users, but Samsung decided to unplug S Voice. SamMobile said they received a notice from the company stating that the S Voice service will no longer be available from June 1. It is also stated that wearable technology products such as Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Active have received Bixby updates, but Gear S3 and Gear Sport will receive an update after S Voice is turned off.

We cannot say that it is a feature that many people use for S Voice, but removing it may pose some problems for people who use hands-free mode and cannot afford the hardware upgrade. There are still voice assistant features such as Bixby, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa on such old phones and even cheap modern devices.

Also recently, Bixby support came to Netflix, one of the most common TV-movie platforms. Users can open the content they want from Netflix along with the voice assistant. Details can be found in our news.


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