Samsung Updates Its Older Models Of The Galaxy Watch


Samsung is one of the largest mobile device companies on the market. The Korean firm has positioned itself very brilliantly in the smartphone market, where it is already a pioneer, and also offers a good ecosystem with its devices. One of the most demanded is the Galaxy Watch, where we will finally find news in the older models with a new update.

Finally, Samsung updates its older smartwatch models with both functional and aesthetic improvements.

Finally, improvements to old Samsung smartwatches arrive

It is a fact that technology companies are struggling to sell their new devices as well as maintain service on older ones. Improvements usually come for everyone, although it is true that those who have been on the market the longest are the ones who suffer this abandonment the most when it comes to software improvements. But this is not the case with Samsung, where we have seen that it is preparing great improvements.

It turns out that the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch3 models will be the ones to receive great news soon. Little can be done to improve the core function of a watch, but a smart watch has a lot to offer. For example, older models will soon enjoy an advanced fall detection system.

This is very important for users who go out to exercise and suffer a fall for some reason. The system will now detect the fall and send an emergency notification to the chosen contacts to request assistance as soon as possible. Of course, the device will notify you before sending the notification and you can decide whether to cancel the notification or not. Of course, the signal with the location will be sent.

They also improve group challenges in which you can compete openly with all members, with a specific one or in groups. The countries in which the health monitor will be available are also expanded and, of course, new spheres are arriving to customize the different compatible mobile models up to a total of ten to choose the one you like the most of all and show off your smartwatch.