Samsung unveils Galaxy Watch 4, Smartwatch With Google Wear OS


Samsung unveiled, during the Unpacked event, the Galaxy Watch 4 smart watch, the brand’s first to feature the Wear OS operating system, developed by Google. The watch’s software is made in an unprecedented partnership between the two companies and also has the One UI modification, which brings features inspired by the Samsung cell phone system.

The new watch marks the debut of the unified system from Samsung and Google. The new Wear OS, which gained considerable prominence at MWC 2021, promises to bring more applications for smart watches from the Galaxy Watch line. In addition, the models continue to bring extensive integration with other South Korean devices, as well as extensive customization options, with pre-installed watch faces.

In addition to making the most of the software, the Galaxy Watch 4 promises to be a strong competitor to the Apple Watch in terms of features, such as advanced sleep metrics and body composition, which will also be available in Brazil.

One of the novelties is the Samsung BioActive sensor, which brings Bioimpedance analysis to the watch, ensuring the user’s muscle mass and fat analysis. The watch can also perform functions such as measuring heart rate (PPG) and performing electrocardiograms (ECG).

New wearable chip

Galaxy Watch 4’s sensor list also includes accelerometer, barometer, and gyroscope. Another highlight of the device is the Exynos W920, a new chip from Samsung that is made especially for wearables. The model also has an LTE connection, which ensures more smartphone freedom, and also has integration with Samsung’s health and exercise app.


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