Samsung TV Plus Gets More Free Streaming Channels


Samsung TV Plus, the exclusive streaming service for the South Korean brand’s smart TVs, is offering more free content to its users. This June, the grid surpassed 35 channels, with the arrival of Revry Brasil, Nashville, WildEarth and Cindie. The feature is native to Samsung smart TVs and does not require any download or registration.

To access Samsung TV Plus streaming content, simply turn on any model of Samsung 4K (or higher) TVs from 2017 onwards, and have a good internet connection.

The first option offered will be the TV Plus app, in a list of channels displayed by clicking on the icon. The options are displayed according to a selection made by Samsung and then adapted to your preferences. You can turn on parental control and check other attractions in progress just by clicking down on the remote.

See below for a description of the most recent channels.

Revry Brazil

It is the first streaming platform with fully LGBTQ+ content. Present in 116 countries, it offers films, series and realities that promote the representation of a long-neglected audience.

Nashville in Portuguese

A hit series on ABC, USA, Nashville was released in 2012 and, for six seasons, told the story of country singer Rayna James (Connie Briton), threatened by some events in the so-called Music City. He had several Golden Globe and Emmy Awards nominations.


Living in a reality where tourism is only done virtually, WildEarth offers real safaris, led by experts, with which you can interact in real time, in addition to visiting numerous nature reserves.


This British channel is an independent film curator, with award-winning stories and a quality cast. With new releases every week, the channel offers old productions and great movie classics from around the world.


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