Samsung ToF sensors only fit Galaxy Note 21 line


After not making great advances with its indirect technology of the ToF sensor – acronym for Time of Flight, or Time of Flight, in free translation – Samsung decided to stop using these sensors indefinitely in its new flagships.

According to some internal sources in the smartphone production sector, the next top of the line to be launched by Samsung, which is expected to arrive on the Galaxy S21 line, will again not have the technology, contrary to what some experts expected.

The sensors, which have already been abandoned in the construction of the Galaxy Note 20 series cameras and should also not be included in the Galaxy S21 line, may only be ready for use in the Galaxy Note 21 line, which will hit the market sometime next year after the launch of the S line sequence.

The reason for this is that technology advances in Samsung’s products have not yet reached an expected level. Furthermore, compared to the solution presented by Apple in its products, Samsung’s technology is still far behind. Now, its implementation in future flagships may still depend on some points.

The first, and most important, is whether Samsung will be able to achieve any growth in the sector. Second, Samsung is supposed to be waiting to see some advancement in technology from the outside. In other words, the South Korean hopes to see if the answer that the market will give to the implementation of sensors in Apple devices. Only based on that, the Asian giant will start thinking about redeploying the ToF sensors.

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With that, it is natural to expect that the technology will not be ready for the launch of the Galaxy S21, but only of the Galaxy Note 21. It is also worth remembering that the next flagship from Apple, the iPhone 12, will probably also have the new 3D ToF Face ID.


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