Samsung to Remove Ads in Branded Mobile Apps


South Korean manufacturer Samsung is soon to remove the ads that are placed on apps that run natively on the brand’s smartphones.

According to Maeil Business News website, this should happen gradually from updates to the One UI, which is Samsung’s interface for Android. However, there are no details about the size of this strategy — it may be restricted to some territories or not reach all models, for example. It was also not revealed what the deadline for the change to take place.

As of 2020, advertisements began to integrate spaces in services such as Samsung Pay, Samsung Weather and the theme store, among others. This novelty was not very well received by the community, which would have led the company to seek other forms of monetization so that it no longer needed to use the resource.

The information is not official so far, but it would have been confirmed internally by the head of the company’s mobile division, TM Roh. The executive should be responsible for making the announcement to the public soon.


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