Samsung to Produce 5G Modems for Pixel 6, Rumor Says


Samsung: Earlier this August, Google unveiled its new cell phone line, the Pixel 6, without delay in a series of Twitter posts. In addition to the new sophisticated design, the announcement also featured the proprietary “Tensor” chipsets and marked the separation of the new top-of-the-line from the US company Qualcomm — previously responsible for the production of its Snapdragon processors and 5G modems.

Samsung took over the production of the chip for the new phones and, it seems, will also be responsible for the connection technology of smartphones. Last Wednesday (25), the Reuters website reinforced the rumors and stated that the South Korean is the company’s new choice, becoming responsible for the vacancy left by Qualcomm in the production of 5G modems.

If confirmed, the partnership between the giants will be promising for both parties. While Google will become more independent from Qualcomm, Samsung will have the opportunity to enter the North American modem market with its technology, something which could also signify its subsequent independence from the owner of Snapdragon.

Reuters also stated that Samsung’s new modems will support the 5G mmWave connection, capable of achieving faster transfer speeds. Reinforcing the rumors, Google has confirmed that its new cell phone line will support this mode of connection, however, its addition could only mean that the company seeks the best in the market for models.

So far, there are no pronouncements from Google and Samsung regarding the case.


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