Samsung To Expand QD-OLED TV Production, New Rumor Says


Samsung: Last Thursday (25), Edaily Korea revealed through internal sources that Samsung will expand its production of TVs with QD-OLED panels in late November. Similarly, the information was corroborated by the TechRadar website, indicating that the South Korean giant may have promising plans for a competitive entry into the entertainment sector, heating up competition against LG.

More specifically, the alleged decision will benefit the 55″ and 65″ television models, while, on the other hand, panels smaller than 34″ will be incorporated into computer monitors, ensuring greater efficiency in production lines. The change, which should to be effective next Tuesday (30), it doesn’t sound unexpected when considering Samsung’s release calendar for the QD-OLED technology.

The company is expected to officially announce its new panels at the next edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2022, preceding their respective launches in the following quarters. Without many other details revealed, Edaily Korea announced the news with an alleged comment from Samsung Display CEO Choi Joo-sun explaining that production will increase “based on market reaction.”

Better than regular OLED?

When it debuts, the QD-OLED technology will complete a development phase that has lasted years. In short, its benefits rely on the best available in OLED and QLED panels, capable of offering a high contrast ratio and color enhancement, respectively. That way, in theory, the result could be a unique viewing experience for consumers.

Of course, the technology’s avant-garde quality also entails a higher intrinsic cost, so it’s aimed at Samsung enthusiasts — at least in the first few months on the market. As Edaily Korea suggests, new TVs with QD-OLED panels should compete in the high-end niche against models with Micro LED and Q-LED panels — an indication that their price could easily exceed the $5 threshold thousand achieved by the lines cited above.