Samsung to bring 90 Hz OLED displays for laptops


On Thursday (21), Samsung announced the arrival of its new OLED screens with a refresh rate of 90 Hz for notebooks. In the statement, the South Korean details that the technology should match the experience of viewing and using a traditional LCD screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Although not new, OLED technology is still not easily found in notebooks and laptops. Part of the problem is due to the current cost of its implementation, which ends up making devices more expensive and, thus, making their popularization in the most common niches on the market impossible.

The South Korean comments on this disadvantage in the ad, explaining that OLED screens need “high performance” configurations, mainly referring to their GPU. Thus, it is likely that the notebook variants with OLED screen will accompany a more powerful processor and video card set, inevitably increasing its price.

In this context, Samsung’s decision may encourage the adoption of OLED screen technology by other notebook manufacturers, possibly reducing its cost by increasing its availability in the market. The company is due to start mass production of OLED screens in March this year, starting with the 14 “models.

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