Samsung tests 8K video recording on new prototype


Samsung is testing a new 8K video recording feature at 60fps on the first prototype of the Galaxy S22 generation. However, according to Chinese sources, the device overheats after five minutes of use.

The South Korean company had already added the option of recording 8K video to smartphones of the S20 generation, which currently allows recording at 24fps – that is, the technology captures 24 frames per second. The phone is the first in the world with support for 8K video recording. However, due to overheating problems, users can only record five minutes of video. The Galaxy S21, more recent release, has the same limitation.

In addition, the 8K video recording will occupy 600 MB of storage space per minute. Thus, if the user makes a five-minute video, the recording will occupy about 3 GB of space. Therefore, Samsung will only be able to improve the 8K feature when using a memory with faster data recording rate and large storage space.

The sources also reported that the company will launch a new Exynos chip with 60fps support in the second half of this year.


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