Samsung surprises with its new wireless headphone design!


You can think of almost any design that can be tried about wireless in-ear headphones as tried, but Samsung’s leaked and emerging new wireless headset design really looks interesting. As you know, the Samsung Galaxy Buds series made a nice entrance to this market and was greeted by the users with positive reviews. According to the new report by WinFuture, Samsung comes up with a new generation design.

Samsung can come up with a new wireless headphone design
According to the published report, Samsung’s wireless headset Galaxy Buds, which we know, is said to come up with a renewed design. It is said that the headset, which looks like a bean in order to better fit the ear anatomy, will be released with the Galaxy Note 20.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the headphones with a bean design for the new headset in question, because it really resembles the image. The name “Beans”, which is hidden both in terms of design and in code names, is the name of the bean and it is quite surprising. In the report, which shows the reason for the adoption of this design as not leaving the ear easily, it is stated that the compact design was adopted.

This leak, which even shows how the new in-ear headset will be placed exactly in the ear, also includes a special slot for your ear to fit perfectly. Unfortunately, there is no detail about whether or not the headset will have features such as active noise cancellation for the headset, which does not have a silicone detail.

Although we do not currently have information about pricing and detailed features, it seems to attract attention with its interesting design. Of course, it is still worth noting that these headphones may not appear at all, but they look quite different.


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