Samsung support for foldable iPhone!


The last year for the Apple foldable phone was 2023. However, looking at the information revealed, the foldable iPhone may appear different from the expected form and much earlier.

Previously revealed information for the Apple foldable model was expected to be in tablet form, such as the Microsoft Surface Phone.

How will foldable iPhone design be? Here are the claims

However, according to the information shared by Ice Universe, Apple asked Samsung for screen samples for its foldable model. Samsung, which is currently producing panels for the iPhone 12, produces screens in two different forms, vertical and horizontal, for the foldable phone.

Apple’s request from Samsung is interpreted that the foldable model for 2023 will appear much earlier.

Although how Apple’s design will be still a mystery, experts say Samsung panels will shape this design. Earlier, Apple had also patented a foldable battery for the foldable phone.

katlanabilir telefon, katlanabilir iphone, katlanabilir iphone tasarımıAnother claim is that Apple is expecting Gorilla Glass’s screen protector technology in foldable form for the foldable model.

The foldable phone, once a dream, has already begun to enter our pockets. Samsung, Motorola and Huawei made this dream come true. It is known that Xiaomi is also working for the foldable model.

Although Apple follows this trend from behind, Android may come up with many different features than its competitors. How do you think foldable iPhone design will be? We are waiting your comments.

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