Samsung Stops Reservations Of The Galaxy Tab S8 Due To High Demand


Galaxy Tab S8: Last week Samsung showed the world its new range of mobile devices in two different families of the Galaxy family. But it is in the case of tablets where the company has encountered a problem that has a good part and a bad part at the economic level. And it is that Samsung has had to stop the reserves of the Galaxy Tab S8.

Samsung no longer accepts reservations for the Galaxy Tab S8

Samsung has shown the world what the new Galaxy Tab S8 are like, with a design and functionality that lives up to expectations. It is almost like a very light computer to work wherever you want, something that the most productive users appreciate especially if they can include their SIM card inside.

But the company has been at a time of great enthusiasm from consumers, which is why it has had to stop reservations for the Galaxy Tab S8. This was confirmed by XDA Developers, where a company spokesperson said that “Due to overwhelming demand in the last 48 hours, we will pause pre-orders on for Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and Galaxy Tab S8. We are working quickly to meet consumer enthusiasm and demand. Stay tuned for more updates.”

There is no doubt that the company has many buyers eager to get their hands on the company’s new product. This can make any company owner who wants to sell their products happy, but unfortunately it’s not all good news.

Chip shortage hits company

As you know many companies have had to delay reservations and orders. The shortage of semiconductors is delaying the arrival of many products and unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is in this group. This is one of the reasons why it cannot accept more reservations, since to cover all that preferential demand, it would not have any device placed in the stores of the different distributors.

Thus, users will have no choice but to wait for their arrival day in stores or for the Korean firm to reopen the reservation process in the future.