Samsung starts delivering Galaxy phones using drones


South Korean manufacturer Samsung and Manna Drone Delivery have started a new project in Ireland to deliver products purchased online by air.

The initiative allows Irish consumers to receive the latest Galaxy line devices at their doorstep, including the Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone, Galaxy Buds Pro headphones and smart watches such as the Galaxy Watch 3.

Drones fly at a maximum speed of 60 km / h and at an altitude of up to 80 meters, making deliveries within 3 minutes, leaving the distribution center of the manufacturer itself.

For now, only residents of the Oranmore region will have access to drone deliveries, which will use the region as a testing ground for possible global expansion.

Manna already has similar partnerships in the country with grocery stores, supermarkets and department stores. It is worth remembering that Amazon has been conducting similar drone delivery tests for some years, including with a project underway in the USA.


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