Samsung Sold 1 Million Units of The Frame TV in 2021


Samsung: Just before Black Friday of 2021, South Korean manufacturer Samsung celebrated a new sales mark for one of its Smart TV lines.

According to official data from the company, The Frame family of televisions surpassed the record one million units sold this year alone. This is the first time that a model from the Lifestyle TV division has reached this mark in such a short time.

By the end of 2021, Samsung expects the entire The Frame brand to reach two million products sold. The family has been in existence since 2017 and has North America and Europe as its main markets. In Brazil, it has been marketed since 2019, with values ​​starting from R$ 2,999 on the Samsung website.

The Frame smart television stands out for its slim and elegant design, blending more naturally with the decor of a room.

In addition to the quality of the screen, which has been QLED since the 2020 generation, the television can be configured to display an image continuously — serving as a kind of virtual whiteboard when you’re not using the television.